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The inaugural meeting of U3A Marina Baixa was held at the Centro Sociales, El Crier, La Nucía on 27th November 2006. 30 people attended the meeting and by the middle of 2007 the numbers had doubled. We now have around 350 members. Our first newsletter was published on 28th July 2007 and we held our first Annual General Meeting on 28 January 2008.

U3A enhances our lives, enables us to make new friends and to continue learning in a mutually supportive environment. It aims to facilitate, through joint learning, the cultural and intellectual interests of members and improve their lives by promoting and sharing knowledge and experiences between them. Our Group Leaders come from within the  membership and are people who want to share their knowledge, past experience and expertise with others.

If you wish to join, please complete an Application Form and bring it to our next General Meeting. The current annual membership fee is €10 per person. Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year. The €10 fee is payable irrespective of the month you join. There is provision, with conditions, for visiting family and friends to join you in attending activities.

About U3A Marina Baixa

Membership is international and we welcome new members of all nationalities. Presently, the majority of the members of U3A Marina Baixa originate from the United Kingdom, mostly retired, and the language used is English. Come along to one of our meetings (there is no charge) and mention that you are a prospective member. This will enable you to decide if U3A could be rewarding for you.

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