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U3A Marina Baixa covers the areas of Alfas del Pi, Altea, Benidorm, Bolulla, Callosa d’en Sarria, Finestrat, La Nucia, Polop and Villajoyosa.

U3A enhances our lives, enables us to make new friends and to continue learning in a mutually supportive environment.  The group leaders come from within the membership and are people who feel confident to share their knowledge, past experiences and expertise with others.  U3A is a non-profit making organisation and the association is worldwide.


May we remind you that visitors and friends may attend one event or group on one occasion only.  There is no charge for this, unless a charge of €1 is already understood for group leaders paperwork.  If visitors wish to attend any event or group again there are two options. One option is taking up membership by paying the relevant membership fee for the remaining months of the year. This is in accordance with the constitution. Alternatively, if a member's short-stay visitors will be attending more than one event during their stay with you then you must purchase an "Associate Membership" card for €1 for each person. These are available from any committee member.  This card will be valid from the first date of use and for one month from that date. It will entitle your visitor/s to attend groups and events with you during the month of validity. 

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The next meeting will be on Monday 28th April  This will be at the Albir Social Centre.  10.30 for an 11.00 start.  The speaker will be Sue Caron from Doggie Angells she will talk to us about care of our pets.


Joan Flint is our Almoner and would like members to informed her if they know of anyone who is ill.  

She will also send cards for any special occasion, major anniversaries and milestone birthdays for example.  

To contact Joan ring 96 586 1226 or mobile 663 637 167 or email

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MICROSOFT SCAM:  Many members have received numerous telephone calls from people purporting to be from Microsoft. They tell you that their system has detected a problem with you computer that is serious and can harm your computer.   DO NOT under any circumstances turn your computer on to follow any instructions, it is certain that they will gain access to something and they themselves will harm your computer or gain access to private information.   Either let them hang on and hang on talking or, interrupt them and ask "where did you say you were from"  when they repeat "Microsoft", say that it strange because I have an Apple computer!  or tell them you do not own a computer. Asking for their telephone number (incoming is various) will also shut them up!

BOGUS GAS MEN:  Do not let anyone into your home, even though they are wearing a uniform and have paperwork.  The various gas companies WILL NOT come to your home uninvited.  These bogus men are around in our area and sound convincing.  Be warned!

Please being your €12 annual membership fees, in a sealed envelope with your name and membership number on the front. These should be handed to the treasurer when you arrive, your 2014 membership card will be your receipt. 

The following meeting (24th February) will be at the regular venue at the Albir Social Centre. 

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We were on a different pitch from last year - we had been allocated a pitch with an area to the side which made it ideal for us to put out our chairs and tables.  Our day started at 8.30 when cars were unloaded and it was all hands on deck to prepare our tent and seating.  The opening ceremony was 11am but at 10 am there were people meandering and wanting cups of tea and coffee. It was, once again, really interesting to see all the different nationalities taking part.  Also fun explaining to them what meringues were and also scones & flapjacks - mainly unknown!   We all had good Spanish practice too as there were a lot of locals visiting our stall which was wonderful.  The sky was black but the rain held off and only came with a few spots to cool us down at the end of the packing up at 5pm.  We were really lucky given the bad forecast.   The committee now have our thinking caps on for next year - maybe same theme with a variation!

INTERNATIONAL DAY 2012 - Well, for the Committee the day started at 8am with frantic setting up of the tent. There were curtains to hang, banner to erect, trellis and "garden to grow". The tent was brought to life when the eye-catching "Ye Olde Tea Shoppe" facia was fixed to the front. Then blue cloths on each table together with a rose plant made the whole appearance very attractive and inviting.

Very soon the boiler was ready to make pots of tea for one, two, three and more in beautiful collectors teapots, visitors selected cakes from a wonderful variety. The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank those members who came along and brought their home made cakes and scones with them throughout the day. We were selling tea, coffee and cake continually from just before 10am until almost 4pm.  What a successful day, filled with song, dance and plenty of atmosphere created from around the world.

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The Ayuntamiento have given us a certificate of thanks and on the reverse is a selection of photos of the whole day.  Please click here to view these together with a close up of the U3A

EUROPE DAY Sunday 13th May 2012  

Although the parade was significantly smaller than the previous year, the atmosphere certainly made up for it.  There was plenty of noise as we made our way from the Market to the Anchor.  After the opening speeches by the Mayor there was music and refreshments.  We would like to thank the members who came along either in the parade or met us at the anchor.  At 3pm the winners of the painting competition were announced.  The prize went to a member of The Lions Club - better luck next time for our members exhibits!   The music, singing and dancing carried on late into the afternoon. 

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